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NCF-5 Mold Turnover Machine

NCF-5 Mold Turnover Machine


The die reversing machine is mainly used for dislocation and turning-over of heavy object, to make goods change from vertical to horizontal direction, from horizontal to vertical. The mold turnover machine is inseparable auxiliary equipment for vertical die press machine. It is widely applied in mold producing industry, injection industry and die-casting industry. It is a desirable product for adjusting of large mold. NCF-5 die reversing machine can turn from 0-90 degree and its rolling capacity is 5T.


1. Safety and Reliability
NCF-5 die reversing machine is characterized by safety and reliability, which overcomes the disadvantage of manual turnover, like insecurity, which makes the turnover easy and fast.
2. NCF-5 die reversing machine has compact structure, which covers small space.
3. Automatic locking
It has the function of automatic locking. When the light goes out during turnover, the machine will be locked automatically to avoid any reverse.


Model NCF-5 die reversing machine
Rolling capacity 5T
Time for rolling by 90 20s
Size of bench surface 1100x1000mm
Height of bench surface 550mm
External size 1100x1500x1500mm
Central size 430mm
Motor power 1.5kw
Weight of machine tool 2.0T

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