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NCSD2Z800 2-Axis Gun Drilling Machine

NCSD2Z800 2-Axis Gun Drilling Machine


2-axis gun hole machine is widely used in drilling and reaming, tapping etc. It has a wide application in car industry, locomotives, shipbuilding, aviation and engineering mechanics. It is featured by high precision, reliability, low cost and convenience to operate. Its drill hole depth reaches 800mm. 2-axis gun hole machine can make the deep-hole processing efficient, precise regardless of fine surface finish.


1. Steady performance NCSD2Z800 2-axis gun hole machine is featured by steady performance, simple operation as it adopts MITSUBISHI servo numerical control system.
2. Wide work space facilitates the clamping and processing of large workpiece.
3. NCSD2Z800 2-axis gun hole machine makes an efficient, precise drilling in addition to fine surface finish.


Model NCSD2Z800 2-axis gun hole machine
Diameter scope of gun drill φ2-22mm
Maximum drill hole depth 800mm

Height from the main shaft center to the work bench 200mm

Maximum diameter of workpiece 72mm

Maximum length of workpiece 900mm

Rotating speed of main shaft 6000rpm
Feeding speed of main shaft 0-1000mm/min
Movement speed of main shaft 0-5000mm/min
Rotating speed of workpiece 60rpm
Motor power of main shaft 7.5kw
Power of workpiece rotating motor 0.37x2kw
Total power of machine tool 30kw
Pressure scope of cooling liquid 3-10.5mpa
External size of machine tool 4800x2000x1800mm
Flow rate scope of cooling liquid 0-64L/min
Total weight of machine tool: 3.5T
Machine tool control system MITSUBISHI

Standard fittings:

TransformerChip cleaner
Oil temperature control machine

Main shaft

Available accessories:

Guide sleeve
Tool sharpening machine
Chipping oil
DeoilerRubber sheathDrill

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