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Horizontal Die Spotting Press

Horizontal Die Spotting Press (NCW Series)


The horizontal die spotting press is widely applied in adjusting and maintenance of mold. The mold can turn from 0°-90°. This series machine is divided into NCW-70,NCW-120. It is easy to operate the machine because of PLC control, human/machine interface. Our company is a professional manufacturer of die spotting machine in China and we’re in the leading place because of advanced technology. Our machine adopts electric magnetic chuck and it greatly improves work efficiency.


NCW series horizontal die spotting press is classified into NCW-70, NCW-120 according to spotting force and working bench.
1. Large rigidity and small deformation
NCW series horizontal die spotting press is featured by large rigidity and small deformation because it adopts welding structure and has been tempered.
2. The machine supports fast die molding with fast forward, fast rewind, slow forward and slow rewind button functions.
3. NCW series horizontal die spotting press applies electric control permanent magnet disk to ensure reliability of work.
4. Regional molding is available. (A/B plate mold)
5. NCW series horizontal die spotting press adopts of vibration absorption facility, to reduce hydraulic impact and ensure precision of facility.
6. The system adopts of differential circuit and pressure cylinder for energy saving.
7. Small area, small installation height and convenient installation (no need for foundation).
8. NCW series horizontal die spotting press is equipped with safety facilities.


Model NCW-70 NCW-120 horizontal die spotting press
Max pressure (T) 70 120
Die opening space (mm) 1250 1650
Max stroke (mm) 1000 1400
Max capacity size (mm) 600×600 800×800
Fast forward/fast Backward Speed (mm/s) 70 70
Tool feed speed/tool feed speed (mm/s) <25 <25
Electric permanent magnetic force (T) 27 36
Turnover capacity (T) 1 3
Angle(degree) 0-90 0-90
Motor power (KW) 5.5 7.5
Machine size (mm) 1000×1000×4200 1400×1200×4800
Machine total weight (T) 6 11