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NCS1300 3-Axis Gun Drilling Machine

NCS1300 3-Axis Gun Drilling Machine


The deep hole processing machine can be widely applied in mould processing of water channel hole, punch hole, hot runner hole, hydraulic valve, distributor, heat exchanger plate and others of mould. With 3 shafts, the deep hole processing machine greatly improves work efficiency. The depth of drill hole reaches 1300mm.


1. This gun drilling machine is developed for large mold base of work material and using a column type bed with NC controls. The table affords heavy load.
2. The stand column, pedestal, slide platform, work platform and other main components of machine tools are made of castings, with low deformation and high precision.
3. deep hole processing machine is featured by steady performance and simple operation as it adopts MITSUBISHI servo numerical control system.
4. The wide work space is conducive to the clamping and processing of large workpiece.


Type NCS1300 deep hole processing machine
Bore of drill hole φ3-30mm
Maximum depth of one-off drill hole 1300mm
Dimension of work platform 950x1400mm
X axis stroke 1300mm
Y axis stroke 1000mm
Z axis stroke 1350mm
Rapid feeding 4000mm/min
Maximum rotary sped of spindle 6000rpm
Spindle power 7.5kw
XYZ servo motor power 3kw/3kw/1.5kw
Pressure of cutting oil pump 100kg/cm2
Oil pump capacity of oil hydraulic pump 8-42L/min
Capacity of cutting oil tank 400L
Load weight of work platform 7000kg
Net weight of equipment 11000kg
External size of machine tool 5400x4100x2900mm
Total power 35kw
Numerical control system MITSUBISHI
Accessories for NCS1300 deep hole processing machine include standard fittings and available accessories. Standard accessories cover transformer, main shaft etc. If you need more information, please refer toNCS Series_pdf.
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