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Vertical Die Spotting Press (Large Model)

Vertical Die Spotting Press (Large Model)


Mold spotting press machine is mainly applied for adjusting and verification of mould. The machine with spotting force more than 300T includes these types NC300F-2015, NC300-2518, NC400-3020, and NC500-3525. The self-developed mold spotting press machine adopts electric magnetic chuck and it is unnecessary to fix screws. Thus, it can save time and save labor.


NC300F-2015 vertical die spotting machine NC300-2518 NC400-3020 NC500-3525


Mold spotting press machine is used to process mould. After spotting and pressing, it can move lower die out, then move upper die out and reverse 180°.Upon the condition of spotting work, the technician can fit the faying surface of mould safely and delicately.


1. No damage
Hydraulic system is equipped with low-pressure protection facilities, to prevent damages caused by collision and insertion.
2. Perfect safety facilities
There are complete safety facilities to ensure safety, like safety grating, anti-falling oil cylinder, locking cylinder and safety supporting frame and other prevention facilities.
3. Good red lead can be achieved because of high speed of mold spotting press machine.
4. Easy operation and high efficiency.
The machine adopts PLC control, man/machine interface, electric cabinet etc, makes improves work efficiency and makes it easy to operate.

Technical Parameter:

Model NC400-3020 mold spotting press machine
Max spotting force(T) 400
Max lifting force(T) 100
Die opening space(mm) 2600
Size of working bench(mm) 3000×2000
Bearing capacity of upper working bench(T) 18
Bearing capacity of lower working bench(T) 40
Suction force of upper magnetic disk(T) 345
Suction force of lower magnetic disk(T) 90
Fast up/down speed(mm/s) 80/80
Slow up/down speed(mm/s) 25
Eject capacity(T) 15
Eject stroke(mm) 200
Out stroke of lower working bench(mm) 4400
Motor power(KW) 37
Total height of machine(H)(mm) 7850
Land area of machine(mm) 8100×7000
Weight of machine(T) 80

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