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Mold Turnover Machine

Mold Turnover Machine (NCF Series)


The mold turnover machine is mainly used for dislocation and turning-over of heavy object, to make goods change between vertical and horizontal direction.
For vertical die press machine, mold turnover machine is inseparable auxiliary equipment. It is widely applied in mold producing industry, injection industry and die-casting industry. It is classified into eight types, NCF-5, NCF-10, NCF-15, NCF-20 NCF-30, and NCF-50. The mold turnover machine can turn from 0-90degree.


  • NCF-5
  • NCF-10
  • NCF-15
  • NCF-20
  • NCF-30
  • NCF-50


1. Reliability and easy operation
NCF series mold turnover machine is featured by safety, reliability and easy operation, which greatly improves work efficiency.
2. It has compact structure with low bench height and spacious bench area.
3. NCF series mold turnover machine adopts electro magnetic motor. If light goes out during turnover, the machine will automatically be locked.
4. The main parts of NCF series machine are from celebrated professional factory. Electric components are imported with original packaging.
If the working bench doesn’t rotate after opening mold turnover machine, please check following things.
1. Please check whether stop switch is loose or broken.
2. Check whether power switch is open or whether it works.
3. Examine if fuse is burnt.
4. Examine if over-load protection works.
5. Please check if the contactor coil and joint are normal.
6. Check whether motor works and whether magnetic contracting brake gets loose.
7. Examine if control circuit gets loose.
8. Please check if something gets stuck.
If the mold turnover machine gives out abnormal sound when it works, please check the following things.
1. Please check if the motor bearing gets loose, or if the magnetic contracting brake gets loose completely.
2. Examine whether there is enough lubricant.
3. Please check if there is something stuck.
4. Examine if chain and sprocket get broken.
5. Please check if the decelerator gets damaged.
6. Examine whether the power is lack of phase.


Model NCF-5 NCF-10 NCF-15 NCF-20 NCF-30 NCF-50
Rolling capacity (T) 5 10 15 20 30 50
Time for rolling by 90° (S) 20 25 30 35 40 50
Size of bench surface (mm) 1100×1000 1400×1270 1600×1400 1800×1500 2000×1720 2200×2000
Height of bench surface (mm) 550 700 750 760 870 1000
Extermal size (mm) 1100×1500 ×1500 1400×1900 ×1980 1600×2200 ×2150 1800×2300 ×2260 2000×2500 ×2590 2200×2900 ×3000
Central size (mm) 430 500 550 600 700 850
Motor power (KW) 1.5 3 3.75 5.5 5.5 7.5
Weight of machine tool (T) 2 3.8 4.5 4.8 7.5 9.8