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NCF-15 Mold Turnover Machine

NCF-15 Mold Turnover Machine


Mold reversing machine is widely applied in mold producing industry, injection industry and die-casting industry. NCF-15 machine is designed for dislocation and turning-over of the heavy objects such as metal coils, to make the goods from vertical to horizontal or from horizontal to vertical. Our company is a professional manufacturer of mold reversing machine in China, our products have been exported to Brazil, Turkey, Canada, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Mexico, Iraq and the Republic of Belarus and so on.


1. NCF-15 mold reversing machine adopts special double chain drive, oblique gear and worm speed reducer.
2. Four-roller device is wrapped with polyamide adhesive.
3. NCF-15 machine is fast, stable and safe as it supports inverter control.
4. It adopts adjustable mechanical pressure device.
5. Compact and durable structure, with comparatively low height of bench and enough size of bench.
6. NCF-15 mold reversing machine adopts magnetic motor and automatic locking in case of power off during rolling;
7. Its main parts are from famous professional manufacturers and are trustworthy.


Model NCF-15 Mold Reversing Machine
Rolling capacity 15T
Time for rolling by 90 30s
Size of bench surface 1600x1400mm
Height of bench surface 750mm
External size 1600x2200x2150mm
Central size 550mm
Motor power 3.75kw
Weight of machine tool 4.5T

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