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Vertical Die Spotting Press

Vertical Die Spotting Press


Vertical die spotting press is widely used in repair or verification of mold and it is suitable for medium and large mold. Based on the conventional vertical mold spotting press, the vertical die spotting press adopts electric magnetic chuck, thus it is unnecessary to fix the screws. Therefore, it can save time and save labor.


NC30-0806 NC50-1007 NC70-1007 vertical die spotting machine NC100-1310
NC120-1310 NC150-1511 (Magnetic electric die spotting press) NC200-1813 NC300F-2015 vertical die spotting machine
NC300-2518 NC400-3020 NC500-3525


Vertical die spotting press is mainly applied in repair or verification of plastic die, hardware casting die. The machine replaces the traditional simple fitting of knocking by copper bar because of its fast and automation operation, which greatly improves efficiency and precision of die spotting press.

1. Complete safety facilities

There are safety facilities to guarantee safety of men, such as safety grating, anti-falling oil cylinder, locking cylinder and safety supporting frame and other prevention facilities.

2. High precision

The vertical die spotting press has high precision because hydraulic system adopts vibration-absorption facilities which will reduce hydraulic impact.

3. No damage

Hydraulic system is equipped with low-pressure protection facilities, to prevent damages caused by collision and insertion.

4. Good red lead

can be achieved because is high speed of vertical die spotting press.

5. Small formation

Small-tonnage type (below 200T) frame adopts welding type frame structure. While large-tonnage type (above 300T) frame adopts welding type and separated frame. Separated parts are connected through green columns and screws. Frame and sliding table are processed through tempering treatment, for the advantages of no stress, large rigidity and small formation.

6. Flatness

Upper and lower working benches and guide rails of pressure-plate vertical die spotting press are made from nodular cast iron, with advantages of sound flatness, high precision and small deformation.

Specification: NC30 Die Spotting Press:

Model NC30 vertical die spotting press
Max spotting force (T) 30
Max lifting force(T) 12
Die opening space(mm) 1000
Size of work bench(mm) 800×600
Bearing capacity of upper working bench(T) 0.5
Bearing capacity of lower working bench(T) 2
Suction force of upper magnetic disk(T) 20
Suction force of lower magnetic disk(T) 15
Fast up/down speed(mm/s) 70/70
Slow up/down speed(mm/s) <25
Eject capacity(T) 3
Eject stroke(mm) 100
Out stroke of lower working bench(mm) 1400
Motor power(KW) 4.0
Total height of machine(H)(mm) 3300
Land area of machine(mm) 3200×2900
Weight of machine(T) 4.8

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